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What is a Roof Cricket - How to Build a Cricket for a Roof ...

A roof cricket is a sloped backing that diverts water away from the chimney and down the roof. A roofer builds a roof cricket out of wood and then adds metal flashing or asphalt shingles on top. During installation, the roofer incorporates the chimney cricket into the chimney flashing system.

What is a Roof Cricket? (Purpose, Why You Need One, & More)

A roof cricket helps avoid this problem around a chimney. But what exactly is a roof cricket? A roof cricket is a double triangle structure built behind a chimney to properly divert water around it. As water comes down your roof, it hits the cricket and splits down each side instead of hitting the flat wall of your chimney.

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What is a Cricket in Roofing? The Purpose and the Importance

Cricket is framed wooden in a triangular form that is installed over the pitched, flat roof. You can spot the roof crickets on the chimney high or the intersection between roof areas. Normally, the roof cricket will be designed in the same pitch as the roof, but it is not always necessary.

What Are Flat Roof Crickets & Where to Place Them? - WNC Roofing

Crickets are triangular structures designed to divert water away from areas of a roof that may collect water. In residential roofing, we tend to think of chimneys as the prime example – chimney cricket. Here you would place a cricket behind the chimney in a triangular pattern so water doesn’t collect behind it.

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While being smaller than other parts of the roof, a cricket isn’t something that is overlooked by professional roofing specialists since it is paramount in keeping your house’s foundations dry and your eaves away from rotting and mold. Roof crickets are an integral design to almost every architectural design and should not be left out.

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Cricket (roofing) - Wikipedia

A cricket or saddle is a ridge structure designed to divert water on a roof around the high side of a large penetration, typically a Skylight, Equipment Curb, or chimney. In some cases, a cricket can be used to transition from one roof area to another. On low-slope and flat roofs with parapet walls, crickets are commonly used to divert water to the drainage, against or perpendicular to the main roof slope.

What is a Cricket in Roofing and What Size You Should Install?

Cricket is sometimes also referred as saddle. So, what is a cricket in roofing actually? It is the part of the roof that covers chimney edge at the back.

What is a roof cricket?

In building construction, a cricket is a peaked roof shape constructed behind a chimney on a sloped roof, and perpendicular to the main roof, to avoid water and debris accumulation at the back of the chimney. It is also sometimes called a saddle.