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Tennis Touch The Fence Forehand Drills Divide players into two teams. One team will be hitting backhands and the other team forehands. Both teams start on the same baseline. The coach feeds balls alternating lines. For every shot that lands in a designated area for example, in the singles court or beyond the service

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This book is not only intended to define the official rules and regulations of the Touch the Fence Tennis Game, but also invite you, the reader, to indulge deeper into how and why each rule came about in the creation of the game. The fact is that every rule was an actual true-life situation that helped shape the game and make it even more fair, more fun, and more competitive for all players.

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Club pro Cary Hodges teaching the love of the game and a competitive mindset.

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In this game, the group is divided into two teams of at least 5 players each. Each team stands in a line along the back fence on opposite sides of the court. To begin, one person from each team plays a singles point beginning with a drop hit. After the point, the winner stays on the court and adds a second person to his or her side of the court.

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The player faces the back fence and imitates serving action. The player's goal is to reach with the racquet as high as possible and touch the fence...

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When hitting the ball, the server must keep at least one foot on the ground. When serving, the server’s feet cannot touch or cross the line. If the ball hits the net and bounces in the box, it will be a let, but if it touches the fence before it is bounced again, it will be a fault.

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20 points for winning the point off of an overhead winner. 50 points for an overhead smash that bounces over the back fence. The game forces kids to move to net and be aggressive when they are given an opportunity. It also helps kids get more comfortable with doubles, a skill that many juniors lack.

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The fence mesh provides the barrier that keeps the ball inside the court. We primarily use a 1 3/4, 8 gauge fence fabric. This mesh is available in either black or green and is highly resilient to bending. Windscreens. Windscreens can provide the final touch of elegance and wind control.

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To create the same playing conditions on both sides of the court, Corcuera built another wall on the opposite side. He then enclosed the court with a wire mesh fence. In this way, the typical padel tennis court was created. In 1974, Corcuera invited his long-time Spanish friend, Alfonso Hohenlohe, and introduced him to the new game.

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