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Orientation of the playing field. 141 Diagram 3 Orientation Diagram 4 Solution for avoiding shadow on playing area during the match. 142 Diagram 5

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The soccer layout tool allows the user to plug in a value (in feet) into a cell below each listed soccer field dimension. The orientation of the layout tool is based on staking out the full length of field down the center line of pitch/field intersecting the goalie boxes. The actual field staking procedure requires the use of two measuring tapes.

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The field of play will be located on a North-South axis in the new stadium. A North-South field of play orientation is considered best-practice for outdoor stadiums and meets all modern North American standards for football as well as International FIFA standards.

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Two lines are marked out at a right angle extending into the pitch and the lines are 5.5 metres distance from either side of each goalpost. The lines that protrude into the pitch also measure 5.5 metres in length and they are closed off by a line that runs parallel to the goal line.

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Goal lines run along the width of the soccer field at opposite ends of the pitch . The soccer field has a center line that stretches across the center to separate the attacking and defending zones. The center circle is marked from the center spot of the field in a 10 yard (9.15 meter) radius.

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Why Do Football Fields Run North to South?

Some argue that all fields should be oriented north and west so that the sun will not get in players' eyes. However, if the field is oriented north and south, then there are often full sections of seats where the sun will be in the eyes of the fans. There is no right or wrong way to orient a football field, but walls and materials are specifically placed such that the game will run smoothly and so that the fans can enjoy it.

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The orientation of fields in relation to the sun must be considered in designing an athletic field. Where daylight use is anticipated, fields should be laid out with the main or long axis north and south.

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"A northeast orientation of home to center field points the third-base line due north, while a southeast orientation points the first-base line due south. You typically have the ability to rotate it within those parameters," DiNitto says.

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Different type of football, but a FIFA guide to football stadiums says "A north-south field orientation is often considered ideal, but more sophisticated analysis has led stadium designers to choose an angle equal to the average direction of the sun at half-time in an afternoon game."