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Fun Basketball Games for PE | SportsRec

Fun Basketball Games for PE Around the World. Around the World is a shooting game designed to improve a player’s shooting skills. At least two... Line Basketball. Teaching Ideas suggests playing the basketball-variation Line Basketball. This game mainly utilizes... Dribble Mania. Lesson Plans Page ...

10 Basketball Lesson Ideas for PE - S&S Blog

We even found an amazing, unedited, 22-minute basketball lesson that we list first! Basketball Lesson Ideas for PE. Teaching Dribbling. Elementary PE Dribbling with Basketball Lesson Video – Watch Elementary PE Teacher Tom Winieki teach a lesson on basketball dribbling to his 4th graders. This video will give you a great perspective on how to effectively teach the skills of basketball in a very small space.

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Basketball: Games - Walk the Plank - PE Update.com

Basketball: Games - Walk the Plank Dick Moss, Editor, PE Upate.com. Walk the Plank is a fun shooting game that you can use in class or a team practice. It's a short, intense contest that's a lot of fun. Setup Divide your group into two teams per basket.

Basketball Activities for PE | SportsRec

Basketball Activities for PE. Basketball is a sport that can be added to any physical education curriculum regardless of your students' ages and abilities. You can make games and activities out of drills intended to improve basketball skills involving dribbling, defense and shooting. Your students will love to play them.

14 Fun Basketball Shooting Games and Drills for Kids - Kid ...

14 Fun Basketball Shooting Games and Drills for Kids. 1. Sharks and Minnows. You can play this game with more than two players, but two players is the absolute baseline you’ll want to get started with. A ... 2. Dribble Knockout. 3. Ray Allen Shooting Drill. 4. Knockout. 5. Red Light, Green Light.

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Elementary PE Dribbling with Basketball Full Lesson (20 min) Lesson Ideas. Instant Activities. Basketball Scramble (3-5) Individual Basketball Skills Card Warm-Up (3-5) Dribble and Go... (3-5) Partner Basketball Skills Card Warm-Up (3-5) UNO Basketball Warm Up (3-5) Be Annoying (4-5) Basketball Warm-Ups (6-12) 3 Team Basketball (9-12) K-2. Poly Spot Dribbling

Basic Rules of PE Basketball - JAMES' P.E. CLASS

Basic Rules of PE Basketball - JAMES' P.E. CLASS. Basic Basketball Rules. Typically in the game of basketball, there are 5 players on the court from each team. In PE, however, there will be a maximum of 4 players. Here's several rules/regulations to consider: STARTING THE GAME. 1.

Teaching Basketball in PE, Passing and Shooting

March 9, 2020 at 7:44 pm. 2 – Passing and Shooting. 3 – Modified Game (like the spot shot game you see in this post by using gatorskin balls) or stations. I teach in stations A LOT with kindergarten, so after teaching them the basic skill, we work on the skills in station format. Reply.