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Basketball Ball Handling Drills - Basketball Tips

BALL HANDLING DRILLS. Pound Dribble (1 Ball) – Dribble the ball as hard as you can with one hand, not allowing the ball to go higher than just above your knees. After 30-45 seconds, rotate hands. 2 Ball Dribbling – Similar to the one hand pound except for you are now dribbling with both hands at one time. You can do 2 ball rhythm and 2 ball alternating for 30-45 second each.

30 Best Ball Handling Drills To Get Crazy Good Handles

Now, this may seem similar to the figure eight drill, however, it involves high-speed dribbling rather than moving the ball in the air. Step 1: Feet outside of shoulder-width apart. Step 2: Dribble ball at your fastest speed 6” off the ground. Step 3: Dribble the ball around and between legs in a figure-eight motion.

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2 Ball Crushers. This basketball ball handling drill is designed to work on your ball control along with developing the ability to dribble faster and harder. You are going to start on the baseline with 2 basketballs and there are 3 different variations to this which are: 1 dribble, crossover then repeat; 1 dribble , 2 crossovers then repeat

5 Basketball Ball Handling Drills to Break Down Any Opponent

The coach stands at the top and calls out a variety of different dribbling and ball handing drills listed below. Each drill should last 15 - 30 seconds depending on the level of the players and which drill the players are doing. The entire set should last approximately 5 minutes. Ball Handling Drills: Ball slaps; Ball flips

10 Youth Ball Handling Drills – The Maravich Series

If you’re looking for a great set of ball handling drills for beginners or youth basketball players, go no further than the Maravich drills. The Maravich drills are named after the legendary "Pistol" Pete Maravich. Maravich still holds the NCAA single season scoring record and the career scoring record while only playing three seasons.

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Mirror drill (make as many moves as possible in a short time) Mirror drill with 2 balls. Two Ball Dribbling: 2 Ball Pound - Out in front - Side - 1 high / 1 low - Side to side - Push/ Pull - Changing balls - 3 balls. Full Court Ball Handling: (STAY LOW) Low walking crossover Walking between the legs Hesitation Pull back + Explode and push off back leg

Top 21 Basketball Dribbling Drills To Improve Ball Handling

Holding the basketball in the right hand, hop up with the right leg towards the right. Once you land, perform a crossover to the opposite side. Once you perform the crossover and your left hand receives the ball, bounce the ball once and then alternate by hopping up with the left leg towards the left.

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