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The Vacu-Jet Vacuum Molding Press is an outstanding system for manufacturing rubber parts. It is one of
the most advanced presses introduced to the rubber industry in decades. Plus, it is American-made,
engineered and manufactured in our Piqua, Ohio facility. Read more to learn about the technological
advancements that TMP has incorporated into this press.


Our Vacu-Jet molding press minimizes the inclusion of trapped air or gases that cause defective parts. Many
product manufacturers use mold designs with vacuum seals and channels to remove air and gas. But, TMP
has developed a better, more efficient method for removing trapped air. The TMP-patented technique
creates a vacuum chamber around the entire mold. Thus, you can use any existing tooling in this press
while eliminating the extra costs for vacuum molds.

TMP was the first to introduce this design to the industry. Since then, many rubber industry professionals
have enjoyed this cost-effective solution. Its results include higher operating efficiencies, higher productivity,
and better quality. So, it provides incredible long-term value for professionals who manufacture high quality


Our presses can offer custom capabilities to meet your
individual requirements. Our engineers will work with you to manufacture the best solution for your needs,
and can provide specific details you may require. Please contact us to learn more.

vacu-jet vacuum molding press