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A rubber transfer molding press is ideal for product consistency, giving you the same specialized form each and every time. Transfer molding presses combine the best features of compression molding with all the advantages of injection molding.

You not only get the dimensional stability and excellent surface finish possible using a compression molding press, you also get the low cost and high-automation capabilities that make an injection molding press so ideal for today’s rubber molding industries.

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250 ton press for cold pot transfer molding automotive parts

Need custom automation and material feed flow? Our Techni-Mold custom-built presses are ideal for demanding jobs. Each press is custom-designed for your specific needs then built to spec to suit your needs.

TMP offers you some of the strongest press-building experience in the industry. In fact, since 1978 we’ve supplied hydraulic presses and automation equipment to hundreds of satisfied customers who return to us again and again for many of our hydraulic presses or rubber mixers. Our clients are some of the best names in the industry, including DuPont, Goodyear, Raytheon, Xerox, Parker, Nelco, Honeywell and NASA, just to name a few.


Inconsistencies cost your company money, time and valuable labor. You want the same specialized part each time you make it, whether you are making hundreds, thousands or millions of specially designed parts for your individual job.

Unlike compression molding, transfer molding uses a closed mold. This makes tighter tolerances and more intricate parts consistently achievable. A rubber transfer molding press offers the best of both worlds – quality, precise conformity at an affordable cost.

TMP rubber molding presses offer consistency and efficiency, giving you the quality you desire at the production rates you need. Let us provide you with a rubber transfer molding solution specific to your job, yet affordable enough to purchase multiple units.

Every rubber molding job requires specialized considerations. Based on your product complexities, quantity required, finished part size tolerances, and material costs, we can design a TMP hydraulic press and automation solution to match your specific requirements. Contact us today for a no obligation assessment of what works best for you.

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