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TMP specializes in custom hydraulic lab presses for laboratory testing of prototype and production rubber, silicone, laminate and composite materials. These lab presses designs are part of our TECHNI-MOLD series of presses, lab mills and mixers developed, designed and manufactured by TMP for over thirty years.

Contact a TMP representative for more information on lab presses. Learn more about our custom engineering services for laboratory applications.

Most of the applications for TECHNI-MOLD lab presses involve the molding actual production parts, although all presses are suitable as well for molding test samples.

TMP hydraulic lab presses are preferred for many reasons:

  • Precision alignment and parallelism
  • Repeatable movement and control
  • Heavy duty production-reliable design
  • Flexible controls for sophisticated compression profiling
  • Automated to the needs-level of the process
  • Customized to meet particular customer requirements

TMP offers two basic standard series of lab presses, either of which can be modified to meet specific needs:

TECHNI-MOLD L1 Series Lab Press, designed principally for economics of purchase. With basic functional capabilities, these presses are suitable for a many lab applications. These hydraulic lab presses feature:

  • 4-Post Design
  • Commercially available main ram/cylinder assemblies
  • TMP BPS Controls with Microprocessor and LCD Panel View display, push buttons, and programmable bump cycles using two pressure settings
  • Electric Platens with 2-zone control and 500 F temperature range
  • Hydraulic system with positive displacement pump, filter, proportional valving

TECHNI-LAB L2 and L2V (Vacuum) Series are designed for full flexibility in compression profiling, precision alignment, and sophisticated compression profiling. These lab presses feature:

  • Slab-side design with temperature compensating guiding
  • TMP-designed heavy-duty rated to 2500 PSI with guiding and seals
  • TMP CPS Controls with PLC and Color Screen Operator Interface, data highway connections, and added programming flexibility
  • Electric Platens with multiple zone control
  • TMP Pre-fill hydraulics and side cylinders for fast open-close
  • Vacuum chamber with sliding front and hinged rear access doors (L2V model)
  • Customers can select for standard models below or customize to their particular requirements

Optional Lab Press Features Include:

  • Mold/ Platen Shuttles
  • Part knockout devices
  • Mold plate ejectors
  • Added safety enclosures
  • Exhausts, enclosures for gas emissions
  • Platen temperatures to 1200°F
  • Special ram cylinder design for wider range of pressure control
  • Mold thermocouple connections and temperature monitoring
  • Multiple daylight designs
  • Consolidated controls for multiple press systems
  • Vacuum pump and reservoir
  • Steam or oil platens
  • Timers for platen warm-up
  • Network (LAN) connections
  • Transfer molding cylinders and controls

Configurations to meet ASTM test specifications