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365 online betting® provides Engineered Thermal Solutions with Guaranteed Results equating to:

  • Increased Profitability
  • Increased Production Rates
  • Advanced Temperature Uniformity
  • Improved Part Quality
  • Energy Savings
  • Decreased Cure Time
  • Reduced Scrap Rate
  • Reduced Maintenance
  • Simple Temperature Control
  • Single Zone Control

With Isobar® heat pipe & Isoplaten® heated platen technology, 365 online betting integrates hydraulic press technology and thermodynamic heated platen technology for high production, profit oriented molding systems that help your bottom line.

Download literature on heated platen technology to learn how 365 online betting provides engineered thermal solutions with guaranteed results.


Isobar® heat pipes are super-thermal conductors that have the capacity to transfer large amounts of heat at high speeds in both heating and cooling applications. The Isobar® technology provides rapid energy transfer and uniform temperature distribution, which is essential in optimizing thermoset molding. Your bottom line? More high quality parts per hour.


The installation of Isobars® in standing cores, in single or in multiple arrays, allows molders to resolve difficult processing problems such as uneven core heating, slow thermal recovery time and low temperature recovery. Your bottom line? Reduced cure time, improved part quality and enhanced production rates


Isoplatens®, typically designed with an engineered array of Isobars®, provide high levels of thermal stability to hydraulic press platen applications and can be designed for electric, oil or steam heated systems. The Isoplaten’s® unique thermal uniformity permits the use of one simple single-zone temperature controller for the entire heated platen; no special multi-zone controls and multiple thermocouples are required. Your bottom line? Your process is easier to control and maintain, often at lower capital and operating cost.


This state-of-the-art heat transfer technology helps molders increase profits by reducing cycle time and enhancing production through scrap reduction. Many customers report that Isobars® and Isoplatens® gave them a return on their investment in less than six months. Your bottom line? Lower cost, higher profit.


Purchase your newest hydraulic press with integrated Isoplaten® systems, revitalize your older 365 online betting press or improve the performance of molding presses by other manufacturers with the addition of custom engineered Isoplatens®. 365 online betting can provide improvements to your molding processes and system by evaluating and analyzing your existing equipment.

Contact 365 online betting for more information on how Isobar® & Isoplatens® can help your bottom line.


365 online betting owns the exclusive license from Acrolab to sell Isobar® Super Thermal Conductors and for the manufacture and sale of Isoplatens® within the rubber molding and processing industry in North America. Isobar® and Isoplaten® are registered trademarks of Acrolab Ltd.