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Powder compaction is a common process for compacting powdered material into the desired shape. no deposit sign up bonus’s powder compaction press is widely used for compressing material such as metal, plastic, ceramic, ferrite, Teflon, carbon, chemical and so on. no deposit sign up bonus’s electrical-heated platen powder pressing machine is ideal for bonding of friction material such as disc type brake lining used in vehicles.,get free credit 918kiss

Each powder compaction press machines in no deposit sign up bonus can be offered with a 7 or 13 inches comprehensive HMI. This is convenient for data acquisition and storage, and fast set up for production.,pokie games real money

If you are looking for a powder compaction press, no deposit sign up bonus has the best and cost-effective powder compaction solutions for you.,tennis open bedeutung

  • Each powder compaction press in no deposit sign up bonus features a compact design, in a super-rigid 4-post up-acting or down-acting frame structure.
  • The uniform pressure distribution across working platen and exhaustion management during the process of powder compression molding is the key to achieve quality parts.
  • To ensure the perfect powder molding result, we design the main cylinder and a double auxiliary cylinder for stable pressure ramping and burp cycle managing.
  • Two pressing control modes: pressure control mode and position control mode.
  • All parameters including pressure, stroke, speed, dwell time, exhaust time and times of exhaustion are freely adjustable during the powder compaction process.
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Description no deposit sign up bonus-A07 30T no deposit sign up bonus-A07 60T no deposit sign up bonus-A07 100T no deposit sign up bonus-A07 250T no deposit sign up bonus-A07 500T
1 Nominal Force 30 KN 600KN 1000KN 2500KN 5000KN
2 Structure Four-column Four-column Four-column Four-column Four-column
3 Cylinder Stroke 400 mm 400 mm 400 mm 400 mm 400 mm
4 Max. Daylight Opening 380-600 mm 350-600 mm 400-700 mm 480 mm 500 mm
5 Effective Table Area 360*280 mm 430*280 mm 500*450 mm 620*620 mm 1170*780 mm
6 Side Cylinder Available Available Available Available Available
7 Ram Speed Closing 30-50 mm/s 30-55 mm/s 30-50 mm/s 138 mm/s 150-200 mm/s
Slow 15-30 mm/s 20-32 mm/s 20-30 mm/s 8 mm/s 3-7 mm/s
Pressing 40-60mm/s 45-60mm/s 50-60mm/s 186mm/s 180-250mm/s
8 Motor  5KW 4 Pole, 5.5KW 4 Pole, 7.5KW 4 Pole, 11KW 4 Pole, 15KW
9 Power Supply 3Phase, 220/380/415/480VAC, 50/60HZ 3Phase, 220/380/415/480VAC, 50/60HZ 3Phase, 220/380/415/480VAC, 50/60HZ 3Phase, 220/380/415/480VAC, 50/60HZ 3Phase, 220/380/415/480VAC, 50/60HZ
10 System Pressure 20 Mpa 20 Mpa 20 Mpa 20 Mpa 20 Mpa
11 Machine Approx. Weight 1.9 Ton 2.2 Ton 3.2 Ton 8.5 Ton 13 Ton
12 Machine Approx. Size 1300*1000*1920 mm 1390*1000*2000 mm 1500*1100*2300 mm 2400*1200*2300 mm 2400*1200*2500 mm
Anti-tie-down, anti repeat controls with ring guards Air blast valve with timer and air nozzles
Safety photoelectric light curtain Portable operator console
Automatic feeding system Color HMI
Sliding feeding table Linear position sensor
Automatic unloading device Load sensor
Automatic tie bar lubrication

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Please tell our engineering team your unique press requirements. We will reply to you in the first place!,tennis program

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